About 40 Plus New Hesston Belt Buckles - Only $5.00 each

Vintage Clairnet Lamp

12x18 Serving Trays

Vintage Wooden Rug Loom​

Set of Vintage Goat Bells​

Selection of Silverware Bracelets​

Great set of silver plate with 99 pieces, all the extras​

Vintage Bottle Corker, Put a wet cork into a bottle ​

Vintage Yankee Wood Stove Fire Starter​

Assortment of old fishing lures

Cast Iron US Mail Letter Drop Box

Selection of NEW Tractor & Engine Decals

50's green colored wall mount telephone​

Wooden Wringer​

Jewelers Ring Vise For Holding Rings​

Unusual Items

Glass Grinder For Leaded Glass Making

Pair of Childs Wooden Folding Chairs

Vintage Covered Wagon Folding Seats, Have Been Recovered

Several hundred pool balls and cue balls

Pair of Child's Brass cymbals

Boat Stering Wheel